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24 Hour Fitness is one of the largest fitness mega chains. There are more than 385 24 Hour Fitness clubs in 16 states making it the largest chain in the United States and world. This club offers state-of-the-art workout facilities and amenities to make fitness fun and easy. The popularity of this chain of clubs can be measured by the big sports personalities attached to it. Legendary sports players such as Lance Armstrong and Andre Agassi invent signature athletic clubs. This fitness program concentrates on different types of exercises to help you get fit and remain fit. One may also recognize the 24 Hour Fitness brand from NBC’s Biggest Loser.Depending on requirement, the club offers five different types of fitness programs. One can decide whatever is best suited for him after going through the information provided about each program. Each program has different things to offer. For example, Active club contains the same things you find in a normal gym, however it is without a lot of the extra features; whereas Ultra Sport 24 Hour Fitness has spa features, basketball courts, rock climbing and a kids club along with the more traditional gym weight machines and cardio equipment. The different fitness programs are designed for different needs and goals.Main features of 24 Hour Fitness:o The first thing that works in its favor is that they have numerous locations throughout the country. This makes it possible for more and more people to join and get benefited.o The main emphasis is on proper exercises. The key factor to loose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle is to exercise regularly.o They provide personal trainers for people who want. They also have childcare and group classes.o They allow different type of membership packages to suit the requirements i.e. you can purchase a specific memberships that is best for your lifestyle if you only work out a few days a week, just on the weekends, or if you travel a lot.o Not just lifestyles, there are different packages to suit different budgets too.o In each club, there are a variety of exercise styles to choose from. This keeps boredom away and makes exercising a lot of fun. From yoga to rock climbing and free weights to the latest in cardio equipment, 24 Hour Fitness has something to fit everyone’s exercise preferences. They also offer ‘Fitlite’, which is a complete body workout that can be completed in 30 minutes.o Gym memberships motivate the user to stay on track with fitness goals.o Unlike many other fitness programs, this one can easily be followed while staying with your family.o Though the main factor is exercise, the program also acknowledges the importance of nutritional diet for a healthy lifestyle. If you take the facilities of a personal trainer, he can give you a diet plan according to your personal requirements. You are taught how to eat smarter, how to read food labels and the differences between fat and weight loss.The program has the following drawbacks:Even with the number of clubs all over the world, your city or state may not be having one. This makes it difficult for you to join the program. Then another important thing is that the membership is not free. Many people will not find it affordable.